BOOK REVIEW: For All Our Sins by TME Walsh

for-all-our-sinsOpen your crime thriller with the gruesome murder and mutilation of a priest and you’re onto a winner, as far as I’m concerned. There followed a well-paced, and rather grisly string of murders with plenty of twists to keep me reading until I turned the final page.

The first in Walsh’s series, For All Our Sins follows DCI Winters and her team as they track down this disturbed serial killer. A witness to an appalling crime years earlier, the murderer is on the hunt for revenge, and they’re not alone. With help from ‘The Guardian’, they seem to be able to evade the police and leave no clues or forensics in their crime scenes.

A likeable lead, DCI Winters is a strong woman with a creditable home-life and there’s just enough depth to each of her colleagues to spark interest without distracting from the story. I will be interested to see how the team develops across the series.

The story was strong and well written, although as with most crime thrillers, it’s best to take everything with a pinch of salt. Disbelief suspended, I followed with morbid delight as the murders escalated in violence to their terrible conclusion, willing Winters and her colleagues along all the way.

One of my favourite books of the year and if you enjoy a good (fictional) flogging of the clergy as much as the next man (provided the next man is me) then this is definitely one not to miss.


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