A week of firsts…

Hurrah! I thought to myself: a whole six days off work and the weather’s looking up. Little did I know that I would have my head down the toilet for most of it. First time I’ve been ill this year, unless you count the tonsillitis that nearly scuppered my trip to Australia, which I don’t because I killed it with paracetamol and sleep en route to Sydney.

Despite my stomach bug I also managed my first cup of coffee since January. I’d given it up for lent. I don’t really hold any religious beliefs, mostly because I don’t really know what the answers are, and until I have a little proof one way or the other, I’m not going to commit. But I do like the challenge of giving up something I tcoffeeake pleasure in, for a few weeks at least. This year I chose coffee. I’d not really drunk any hot drinks while in Australia as it was too warm (and the beer was free flowing) so I thought I wouldn’t really miss coffee for another month or so. How wrong a girl can be! By the end I was climbing the walls, so desperate for my caffeine hit that I was often found fervently sniffing the air whilst loitering outside my local Starbucks. But when it came down to it, I couldn’t finish the delicious cappuccino, lovingly prepared for me by the gorgeous folks at Flirt Café Bar (if you ever find yourselves in Bournemouth you must check it out – easily the best place in town). Don’t worry though, I’ve made up for it since, practically overdosing on the black nectar the last five days!

RouxskiIn an attempt to overcome the caffeine jitters, Roux and I hit the beach – probably the last time before it’s shut off to dogs again for the summer. It was even warm enough to kick off my shoes and scrunch my toes in the sand – first time sandy toesthis year. Well, first time in this country this year. And although my toes were mostly blue by the end of the walk, I enjoyed every minute of it! Particularly the goats. That’s right: goats. Not often you see a (ok google, what’s the collective noun for goats?) a trip (apparently) of goats at the beach. Can’t help but wonder where they came from. Also can’t help but wonder if I was tripping from the caffeine and they weren’t really goats at all.

This weekend also saw my first (and last) trip to Ikea on a bank holiday. Never. Again.


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